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DynaVap Information Guide

Welcome! Find everything you need to get started with your Thermal Extraction Device or DynaVap part or accessory.

Product Specific Info

RS1941 T0A9316

The "M"

The "M" is easy to use and is built from medical grade stainless steel. Choose your preferred dosage by setting your Stainless Steel CCD in the correct notch. Once you're ready, you can utilize the chiral airports for adjusted airflow.

Videos on The "M"
RS1922 T0A9097


The Omni series (OmniVap, OmniVap XL, OmniVonG) represents our top of the line experience. To utilize the Omni Condenser Assembly look at your mouthpiece, rotate it clockwise/counterclockwise, and watch how the condenser (visual) becomes flush with the mouthpiece or descends deeper.

Flush = open airflow & Descended = restricted

Videos on the Omni
RS1230 Omni HydraVonG XL on a 2020 herb ripper grinder P1233248


The HydraVonG series can be utilized as the device by itself, or used with a 14mm water piece. It has a great feel with a great 9-sided design.

It is important to keep your wood waxed. Use a product like DynaWax or a similar product to clean and moisturize your wood, especially when you notice the surface starting to look a bit dryer/duller. Use a small amount and spread it on all the surfaces and let the porous surface absorb the DynaWax. Wipe away any excess.

Videos on the HydraVonG
RS584 10 Uncapped M with coil Apollo 2 cropped P1200456 v2


For Concentrate use we recommend the use of the DynaCoil accessory. To install, first remove the CCD (screen) from the tip. Now twist and push simultaneously to install. (teeth up)

Videos on DynaCoil