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RS4972 Stand In Love in sleeve sideA
Stand In Love in sleeve sideB 3000
RS4972 Stand In Love in sleeve sideA
Stand In Love in sleeve sideB 3000

Natty Nation: Stand in Love (Single) - 7" Vinyl


Product Description

7" vinyl version of Natty Nation's newest single. Pressed on vinyl with a throwback label design.

Rocksteady remake of J-Maxx's "Stand In Love" from 1998's Earth Citizen album, b/w the version (Instrumental)

The story of J-Maxx's "Stand In Love" remake:

On 4/20/2018 we celebrated the 20 year anniversary of the Earth Citizen album by performing the full album at our annual 4/20 show at the High Noon in our hometown, Madison, WI, USA. We rearranged Stand In Love with a little more of a rocksteady, '60s vibe, and the crowd loved it!

We kept performing it, and kept getting similar reactions, including our homey DJ VPS, who said he wanted the new version to play at his (eventual) wedding, and said he'd even think about paying to have us record it... Aaron took him seriously and booked some studio time, and we were off to the races!

We recorded it at DNA Music Labs in Madison (where we recorded 5 songs on Reincarnation, and laid down the tracks for our next album with the legend Errol Brown), then sent it to Errol to mix.

We decided to stick with the old school vibe of the song and press it to 7" vinyl, which we've always wanted to do, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. We're excited for you all to hear this!
Song List
A. Stand in Love (M.Maxwell) - Natty Nation
B. Stand in Love Version - Natty Nation


released May 17, 2019

Written by Michael (Jeffery) Egbert Maxwell AKA J-Maxx AKA Frazmo
Performed by Natty Nation