RS4047 Scale Project OmniVap XL original
RS4047 Scale Project OmniVap XL original

The OmniVap XL Starter Pack


Product Description

The OmniVap XL Starter Pack offers all the premium DynaVap products a user will need to start with the Omni line. This Pack features the OmniVap XL, crafted from titanium, with a Standard Cap and is paired with the DynaStash XL: Purpleheart and the Z-Plus 2 (Dual Torch).

The DynaStash includes a VapCap garage, extra storage compartment and an integrated DynaMag. The DynaMag will secure your DynaStash to any magnetic surface, help remove a hot cap, and hold any VapCap at attention. The DynaWax will help to extend the life of the O-rings and help when it comes time to clean your VapCap. This kit comes with every replacement part one would need for the OmniVap XL.

Includes: OmniVap XL with Standard Cap, DynaStash XL: Purpleheart, Z-Plus (Dual Torch), 5 x High-Temp O-Rings, 1 x Ti CCD, and DynaWax.

*Note: that the lighter in this kit can be substituted with a lighter of our choice at any time when the Z-Plus 2 (Dual Torch) is unavailable.*
INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: You will receive an empty Cyclone Torch in place of the Z-Plus.
**Note: that alternative DynaStashes may be used due to product availability at time of order fulfillment.**
***The OmniVap XL comes packaged in a complimentary tube. Color may vary.***
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