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The 2020 "M" Fall Colors features the familiar and the new. By popular demand, the RosiuM makes a comeback! Now, with even more vibrance across the numerous facets. Overheating your RosiuM may induce engaging changes in coloration. Also back, The PhantoM returns with a little twist/grey-dient. The PhantoM is our most durable color.

New to the color lineup is The AzuriuM. We present to you our blue thermal canvas. While the blue color is delicate, it is also alluring. Upon exceeding normal operating temperatures, its hidden superpower emerges! Like a paintbrush in the hands of an artist, your torch can summon a spectrum of photonic wavelengths.

The 2020 "M" Fall Colors

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RS3841 2020 azurium blue ink lifestyle

"DynaVap Drops WOW WORTHY Color Ms" by 420 VapeZone

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DynaVap Press Release

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